A private cloud for today's remote workforce

Scalability - Reliability - Security


Our cloud allows you to work at your pace while keeping up with your company’s changing and growth.


Data centers that are focused on 24x7x365 operations. Everyday needs are met while staying online, including 100% up during the 2021 Texas winter storm.


Know where your data is. Know it is protected.

Demand for data reliability and availability are increasing each day.

Trust i2i with your Private Cloud Hosting.

Our Belief

We believe that your technology should be simple to use, secure, and as stable and readily accessible as the telephone, water and electricity that gets delivered to you, all without you seeing what goes on behind the scenes.

Our Why

We have a passion to create; to take a concept and create a sustainable and secure technology solution and provide the superior support and services necessary to make that technology transparent.

Our Work

i2i ensures that your mission-critical I.T. data and infrastructure operates safely and securely either at your location or hosted in our Certified Data Centers, through the utilization of industry-leading managed services tools, our expert, professional staff and our privately-owned and operated cloud platform, i2i CHESS®.

Our Products

Technology: Simple, Stable and Secure.


cloud services for businesses - i2i


We are a premier provider of enterprise class, private cloud hosting for businesses, associations and groups.

managed IT services for businesses - i2i


The right mix of talent, technology and services to meet immediate business objectives while providing scalability and growth for the future.

professional IT services for businesses - i2i


The right mix of talent, technology and services to meet immediate business objectives while providing scalability and growth for the future.

Business IT products vendor - i2i


A wide range of hardware including network switches, servers, storage, automation, audio/visual, security and WDM/DWDM products.

"This is my first time seeing i2i in action on a quickstart and may I say you come EXACTLY as advertised! I was very impressed by your knowledge of the product and our process and these updates have been fantastic!"
Senior Systems Engineer | Network and Application Monitoring Client


Reliable technology

Decades in the industry providing customized professional services

Meeting the specific and unique requirements of our client’s business with world-class products and service

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Reduce your IT complexities and cost while improving performance and reliability

Trusted by Industry Leaders


Work at home bandwidth
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How To Improve Your Remote Work Operations

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i2i VisionPro Managed Service Solution

Think best-in-breed network and application performance monitoring is beyond your budget? It’s not! Take advantage of the industry’s most powerful performance management tool offered as a managed service. We have taken a different approach to deliver a solution that at one time might have been

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From the President
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The “Silly Season” is upon us!

Back in my corporate days, I had a boss that referred to the Thanksgiving and Christmas month’s as “The Silly Season”. I loved it and still use it to this day. He proposed that the ‘season’ began the day after Halloween and proceeded until January

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